Boarding and Bathing

Extra-Large Boarding Suites


Most of our boarders get to enjoy one of our 30 extra-large runs! Your pet will always have access to a clean, climate-controled space with fresh air, clean water, comfortable bedding, and plenty of attention! All boarding is by reservation only, so call us now to schedule your pet's stay. (Note: Above picture is generic stock image. New photos of our boarding facilities are on the way, and our kennels are set up very similarly to the kennels pictured above.)

Outdoor Enclosure in Progress


Stay tuned! We are working on an 85-foot long outdoor enclosure so your pup can stretch their legs and play with our animal loving staff members during their stay. Our 360 degree enclosure is outfitted with sun shades and premium Astroturf so your dog always has soft green "grass" to play on, without getting dirty! 

(Note: Above image is a stock image. Our outdoor enclosure is set to open this summer!)



Drop your pet off for a spa day! We offer the following:

Full service bathing

Nail Trims

Anal Gland Expression