Exams and consultations

A thorough physical exam is the most valuable diagnostic tool we have to offer.  Pets cannot always tell us what hurts, so a hands on examination by our experienced veterinarians allows us to implement the best course of action.

We encourage routine yearly examinations to ensure that your pet stays healthy for as long as possible. Many common diseases go undetected at home (even by the best pet owners). We want to catch those disease processes at the earliest available date so that we can recommend changes in diet, lifestyle, supplements, medications, and other therapies, in order to give your family more quality time with your pet.

We are an appointment only clinic, but we understand how often things pop up, and you can't always plan every veterinary need. We are often able to work you and your pet into our schedule upon short notice.

No time to come and wait with your pet? NO PROBLEM! 

We offer drop off appointments for our existing clients at no extra cost.

It is our goal to provide our clients with extraordinary value during our exams and consultations. 

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