Full Service Lab

State of the art blood analysis machines allow us to detect diseases that are impossible to diagnose with just an exam alone. In most cases, we are able to collect and analyze your pet's blood values and explain our findings during a single appointment. We recommend routine bloodwork at yearly exams, especially in senior animals. Don't forget to ask about our wellness panels!


Digital Radiography

The ability to capture digital radiographs gives us a diagnostic edge compared to veterinary hospitals with out-dated equipment. It also allows us to capture X-rays of your pet during your appointment and then review and explain our findings and recommendations with you only moments later. 


Heartworm and Intestinal Parasite Screening

North Carolina is a breeding ground for parasites that can cause disease in dogs and cats. All dogs that go outside are exposed to both heart-worms (carried by mosquitos) and intestinal parasites (these guys are everywhere). We recommend screening for both of these parasite types during your pet's yearly exam. It only takes moments and allows us to provide the best possible care to your pet.