Saying Goodbye to Your Pet with End of Life Care

Euthanasia is never an easy choice for any loving pet parent. The procedure can often provide relief from needless suffering due to terminal illness or old age. The staff at Archdale Animal Clinic will always be your guide through any difficult decisions you have to make when it may be time for your pet to cross over the rainbow bridge.

We never suggest dog or cat euthanasia lightly. We make sure you have all the answers and resources available to you should you feel it is time to let your pet go. When you think the time may be near, we ask that you consider talking to us for the sake of your pet’s needs so we can  be there to help take care of both.

Pet Memorialization

Pets enrich our lives and we want their memory to always be with us. After the process of euthanasia is complete, we can help you decide on the ways you wish to commemorate your pet's life. Ask us about any options we have for you to honor your pet's legacy.

If the time comes, our team will be here for you and your family, helping make the decision as comforting as possible.